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By Arleen Mavorah

Illustrated by Tania Canteli

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Do you ever confuse your Tweets, Twix and Twizzlers? How about IMs BBMs or M&M’s? If you answered yes to either of those questions chances are you’re on a diet, or thinking of starting one. If not, you most likely know someone who is. For those who don’t know a Tweet from an IM, but know all the colors of M&M’s – well, you know who you are.

Although dieting is not a funny subject, dieters are funny people and this book proves it. Written in rhyme with contemporary watercolor illustrations, it allows dieters to see the humor in the things they do, or, think they do, in the name of weight loss. This weeklong journey in the life of a yo-yo dieter will have you laughing your calories off. There’s a Skinny Person inside me… but I shut the Bitch up with a Cookie is a funny book with a serious message. It is highly recommended as a read aloud selection for your book club or weight loss group.


Arleen Mavorah is a yo-yo dieter who has battled with the ten, fifteen or twenty-five pounds she’s taken off at times in her life, only to put back on. It made her good at her job in the weight loss industry because she easily related to her many clients. She has counseled thousands of people and has heard every excuse known to mankind, many of which she’s used herself.

Arleen owned and operated her own weight loss centers (Weight ‘n See in New York and New Jersey) and worked for Jenny Craig Diet Centers. She has a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education and has taught pre-school. Her love of children‘s books and rhymes combined with her experience on both sides of the dieting world resulted in this very funny book.

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